Symposium Worlds of Entanglement 2017

In the last decades, quantum theory has advanced from a “passive attitude,” where quantum features of physical systems were exploited to obtain useful technologies, to an “active attitude,” where the deep structure of quantum reality has been manipulated to design new systems and processes. This new “quantum way of thinking” not only has expanded the application of quantum theory from the micro-physical to the macro-physical domain, but has also brought new perspectives on how we should think about some of the most fundamental notions conceived by the human intellect, such as information, complexity, life, rationality and consciousness.  We aim at interdisciplinary dialogues between experts in quantum theory and experts in life and social sciences to discuss how the most recent advances in our understanding of the nature of reality impact science and the future of our society.

Accepted abstracts will be invited to give a presentation and to prepare an article to be published in the journal Foundations of Science

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