Amit Kumar Jaiswal


Affiliation: University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Supervision: Dr. Haiming Liu, Dr. Ingo Frommholz

Project: A Quantum Model for Interactive Search and Retrieval based on Information Foraging Theory



Amit is an open hacktivist and holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science & Engineering at UIET, CSJM University. His bachelor's thesis was in the area of Natural Language Processing. He worked on Standardizing Kubernetes logs as an Intern with Google Cloud and Kubernetes team under the Google Summer of Code program in the summer of 2017. Afterward, he worked for 3 months with OpenStack & zVM team to benchmark hypervisor/support matrix functions under the Open Mainframe Linux Foundation internship. Besides this, he's an active collaborator to a wide range of Open source project (but not limited) such as DynaML: For more detail, please visit

His current and future research interests include (but not limited) Information Retrieval, ML, NLP, Deep Learning, AI and complex search tasks. His main research goal is to apply quantum mechanics theory to Information seeking and retrieval in order to build a quantum model inspired by Information foraging theory. He is also interested in applying distributed computing, ML and Ad-hoc retrieval on the research.